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pandemonium n : a state of extreme confusion and disorder [syn: chaos, bedlam, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness]

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Coined by John Milton in "Paradise Lost," Pandæmonium, from the Greek pan- "all" + Late Latin daemonium from the Greek (daimonion) "lesser divine power," from (daimon) "lesser god"


  • italbrac RP /ˌpændəˈməʊniəm/
  • italbrac US /ˌpændəˈmoʊniəm/
  • Rhymes with: -əʊniəm


  1. Chaos; tumultuous or lawless violence.
    • 2004, Boston Globe, October 22
      Whenever you have violent pandemonium, there's the overwhelming possibility for panic and tragedy.
  2. An outburst; loud, riotous uproar, especially of a crowd.


  • 1674 — John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I
    And Trumpets sound throughout the Host proclaimA solemn Councel forthwith to be heldAt Pandæmonium, the high CapitolOf Satan and his Peers.

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chaos; tumultuous or lawless violence
an outburst; loud, riotous uproar



  1. pandemonium, residence of all demons/devils, hell;
  2. pandemonium, a 'hellish' chaos, notably terrible noise and disorder

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Pandæmonium or Pandemonium may refer to:
In film and television:
  • Pandemonium (film) (1982), directed by Alfred Sole
  • Pandaemonium (film) (2000), directed by Julien Temple, about Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy Wordsworth
  • Pandamonium (TV series) (1982), a cartoon about talking pandas and their human friends searching for fragments of a mystical pyramid
  • Santanico Pandemonium, a character in the film From Dusk Till Dawn played by Salma Hayek
  • Pandemonium Carnival, the travelling circus of the evil Papa Lazarou in the BBC's black-comedy The League Of Gentlemen
  • Pandaemonium, a demon queen in the Chrono Crusade anime
  • Pandemonium is a two part episode in the third season of The Unit
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Abaddon, Agapemone, Arcadia, Big Rock-Candy Mountain, Canaan, Cloudcuckooland, Cockaigne, Eden, Eldorado, Erewhon, Garden of Eden, Gehenna, Goshen, Hades, Happy Valley, Land of Youth, Laputa, Naraka, Never-Never-land, Neverland, New Atlantis, Quivira, Shangri-la, Sheol, Tophet, Utopia, avichi, cloudland, dreamland, dystopia, faerie, fairyland, heaven, hell, infernal regions, inferno, jahannan, kakotopia, kingdom come, land of dreams, land of enchantment, land of faerie, land of plenty, land of promise, limbo, lotus land, lower world, millennium, nether world, paradise, perdition, place of torment, promised land, purgatory, shades below, the abyss, the bottomless pit, the grave, the pit, underworld, utopia, wonderlandBabel, Bedlam let loose, Gehenna, Sheol, Sodom, Tophet, abyss, agitation, babel, bedlam, blast, bluster, bobbery, brawl, broil, brouhaha, cacophony, cesspit, cesspool, chaos, charivari, chirm, clamor, clangor, clap, clatter, commotion, confusion, confusion of tongues, den, din, discord, disorder, disturbance, donnybrook, drunken brawl, dustup, ebullition, embroilment, fanaticism, ferment, flap, fomentation, foofaraw, fracas, free-for-all, frenzy, fume, furor, furore, fury, fuss, hades, hell, hell broke loose, howl, hubbub, hue and cry, hullabaloo, inferno, jangle, loud noise, netherworld, noise, noise and shouting, outcry, passion, perdition, racket, rage, rattle, rhubarb, roar, row, ruckus, ruction, rumble, rumpus, shindy, shivaree, static, storminess, sty, tempestuousness, thunder, thunderclap, tintamarre, tumult, tumultuousness, turbulence, turmoil, underworld, uproar, upset, wildness, zeal, zealousness
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